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Publisher's Note
by: Yogi

Yogi's Welcome

Welcome one and all to our first attempt at publishing a newsletter for the Ask-It-Here community. While we are not the first to create a newsletter, it is our sincere desire to make this one the best ever.
the Yogster A lot goes into the success of a project like this; more than we originally expected. Fortunately we have some very talented people volunteering their visions and creativity in order to bring the AIH community the best available publication. We are grateful to them all.
Our first edition is a slight departure from past newsletters in that it is a web based publication only. We are looking into ways to incorporate the newsletter into a format that is email friendly, but that may not actually happen for a while. Anybody with email newsletter experience may feel free to contact us with advice.
If it is not intuitively obvious, please note that we included a feature in this web page newsletter which will make reading and navigating a little more pleasant. The box in the upper right, labled "In This Issue," contains a list of links. Clicking on any of them will quickly get you to the named article. I usually have a preference about what I want to read first, and this little gimmick not only reveals the contents of the current issue, but also helps you get where you want to be.
We also included pictures of the contributing editors - where possible. There is no special reason for articles without its author's picture; most likely we simply don't have the picture in our library. I like to see the person communicating with me, and that's what I had in mind when I included them herein.
And, please note the link under the logo box, the one that says
Contact Us. That is the place to click if you want to know where to send something to the newsletter staff. We will accept comments, questions, and criticisms, but we are intently anticipating a wealth of articles to be submitted by our readers. You know you want to see your work in print, so don't be shy about it.
So, without further ado, let the new era begin.
We now present for your enjoyment,  the AIH Newsletter .
  - Yogi

AIH: the Community
by: Dilbert

Where are we today?

Dilbert We just had or 3rd anniversary as a website. When using the Internet as a ruler, that is a very long time to be around. We have grown from an initial membership of around 20 people to a site that has 1600 members of which 700 are fairly active users. We have seen a lot of change in those 3 years. Some of it bad, but most of it very good. Like any family we have had a few times that weren't pleasant, but most have been very good times. We have had several members who have had babies and kept us informed. We have had younger members that have transitioned from high school to college and have stayed with us. We have had a few members that have gone through some very unsettling medical times. It's things that people experience in the real world. We are still a family and will continue having these kinds of things happen to our friends.

The biggest change to the site during all of this time has been the acquisition and installation of our own server that is housed at my ISP, and we currently are there rent free. What this does is reduces the cost of running the site to almost nothing. That insures us that we will be here for some time to come. This is good because we are currently in the baby boom of 2004 and need AIH to keep us informed as to how all the new mommies are doing.

I'm excited about a new release of the AIH newsletter. I have seen a mock up copy and it looks very nice. I know it's not an easy job and I hope everyone who reads it will let the people who have contributed to the newsletter know how much you appreciate their hard work.
  - Dilbert

AIH News
by: QueenCčline

AIH Baby Boom

Queen_Celine As we all know, there has been quite a Baby Boom around our online community lately. Is there something in the water? Is AIH actually an aphrodisiac? It has been suggested that our very own Jr_Fan had quite a bit to do with the sudden burst of reproduction. However, while I'm sure not many of the ladies on AIH would mind having his baby, I think he and Wild_Sunshine have their hands full with the three they have already.

The Ask-It-Here Baby Boom began on September 8, 2003. On that day, star_gazer gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Paige Victoria. Shortly after giving birth to her first daughter, star_gazer said, "The truth is...even though I have only been a mommy for 11days, I couldn't imagine doing ANYTHING other than what I am doing. I can't imagine going back to my old life, I can't imagine being anything other than a mommy to this little girl. It just fits. Life before seemed so meaningless, now it is for something. It means something. It's worth something." I think I can speak for everyone on AIH in saying that we are all enjoying hearing updates and seeing new pictures of little Paige and her mommy.

The next to experience this Baby Boom first hand was none other than DbowieGirl. On February 25, 2004, she gave birth to her first child, a son named Benjamin Andrew, who will go by Drew. While her labor was not as smooth and effortless as she hoped and imagined it would be, she stopped in to inform us that she and Drew are both doing well.

The Baby Boom's next victim was whiskybran. This pregnancy was somewhat unexpected for her family, since she already has a 12-year-old daughter and a 10-year-old son. But on March 22, 2004, Mackenna Rachel was born. "I am so lucky to have the older kids to help out. My daughter (12) is like a little second mother. Her and my son (10) are so proud of Mackenna, she is going to be spoiled rotten." Whiskybran is in no rush for Mackenna to grow up and join her other children in their independence. "I remember wanting the other kids to walk and talk etc., but now with the baby, I know that before I know it she will be 12 like my oldest daughter so I am savouring every moment!" Adjusting to a new baby is hard for anyone, and this family is certainly no exception. "It will sure be a change of lifestyle for us. We were just getting a little more freedom with the kids getting older. Now we are starting all over again. Since she was a surprise, I thought it might be a big shock to the system when she arrived. It just seems natural, it was meant to be." However, since Mackenna's siblings are 10 and 12 years older than her, whiskybran has expressed some concern about the possible effects that the age gap could have on her new baby. "My biggest worries are that she will be like an only child, as her siblings will be gone to University when she'll only be 6 and 8."

Alixx was next on the list for the Baby Boom. Melissa Bridget was born on March 29, 2004. "My labour was pretty fast. It caught us all a little off guard. Luckily I had just enough time to get the pain relief." What a relief that is! When asked about her new daughter, Alixx said, "Melissa is wonderful! She is so quiet during the day. She does have a bit of a cry-fest every night, which seems to be a good time to visit AIH!" Well, at least she has her priorities in line!

Ask-it-Here will have a short break in the Baby Boom until the beginning of May, which is when edaj is due to have her first baby. She says she would like to know the sex of her baby, but doctors have not yet been able to determine it. However, she does know that the baby will be named Shannon Elise if it is a girl. She has no names picked out yet for a little boy. Her pregnancy has been a little rough. "I started getting morning sickness at 13 weeks and I am still getting it. The worst part of my pregnancy has been having my gallbladder removed at 22 weeks. That was pretty painful." She says that the best part of her pregnancy has been seeing and feeling her baby move inside her. Only a few more weeks and AIH should have another little baby!

The final member of the AIH Baby Boom - as of right now - will possibly be the new AIH mascot. PeachEKeen, who is Dilbert's daughter and god's sister, and NiteOps are due to have their first child on July 10, 2004. Like edaj, PeachEKeen and NiteOps are interested in knowing the sex of their baby, but have not yet been able to determine it. Since NiteOps was born and raised in Sweden, he and PeachEKeen have made an important decision about how they will raise their child. "My husband and I have decided to raise our child in a bilingual household. I will only speak English to the baby and he will only speak Swedish." PeachEKeen has admitted to having an easy pregnancy, with the exception of some minor back pain at night.

Could this be the final baby in the AIH Baby Boom? I suppose only time will tell. Unless, of course, Jr_Fan knows of any details that have not been announced?

In any case, I would like to speak for all of the Ask-It-Here community in congratulating star_gazer, DbowieGirl, whiskybran, and Alixx on their wonderful new babies. May you live happily and healthily for years to come, and have the patience, strength, and love to bring your children up to be wonderful individuals. Also, good luck to edaj and PeachEKeen! May the remaining weeks of your pregnancy go smoothly and quickly, and may your labor and delivery be just as smooth and quick.

We hope to see Paige, Drew, Mackenna, Melissa, baby edaj, and baby PeachEKeen / NiteOps on AIH in the future!

Literary Works
by: MystycalMage
MystycalMage This is a poem that I wrote when I was depressed and felt there was nothing left to live for, yet life was short enough.
  - MystycalMage

AShort Day, Short Life

The day is growing short now
My life is growing cold
I am so young inside
Yet I feel so old

Life is going by
Faster than I can see
Life is going by
It won’t slow down for me

Life will be over soon
Won’t slow down
Life is nearly gone
Nearly in my burial gown

What's Love?

I would get this feeling when you were around,
Right in the bottom of my stomach,
Where I couldn't make a sound.
I would get really shy,
When I was around this special guy.
I didn't know what love was,
Until I felt the effect of what it does.
All I know is that I like feeling the way I do,
Especially when I'm with you.

submitted by - Fallen_Angel

Please send contributions for this column to or Amail MystycalMage.

by: Kileana

Cooking Ethnic Style

This month we have recipes that are sure to delight your pallet as well as satisfy your hunger. From the everyday dinner table in Lebanon to the Passover table in Isreal, these simple recipes are sure to be a hit with your friends and family.
  - Kileana
Baked Kafta and Potatoes
(Lebanese Lamb, Serves 4, Main Dish)
2lbs lamb
1 cup finely chopped parsley
1 medium onion, diced
1/2 tsp mixed spice*
1/4 tsp paprika
1/4 tsp ground cinamon
1 tbs oil
4 potatoes, sliced thin
4 large tomatoes, crushed with juice
1 cup water
1 tbs tomato puree
*Mixed Lebanese spice is Allspice, Black pepper, Cinnamon, Cloves, 
Nutmeg, Fenugreek and Ginger. Mix  equal amounts of spices in a jar 
and keep for later recipes.*
Spread oil in the bottom of a glass baking dish. Combine the lamb, 
parsley, onion, spices, paprika and cinnamon in a bowl, mixing well. 
Spread it evenly in the bottom of a glass baking dish and bake at 350f 
for 20 minutes.While your lamb is baking, combine the tomatoes, tomato 
puree and water. After your lamb bakes for 20 minutes, remove it and 
add the tomato mixture. Lower the heat down to 250f and allow to cook 
for 40 minutes.Meanwhile, fry the potato slices until a little crispy.
When lamb is done, put potato slices on top and put back in the oven 
for 10 minutes. Remove and serve.
Ba Mee Nam
(Thia Noodle and Pork Soup, Serves 6, First Course)
1 cup bean sprouts
1 1/2 cups egg noodles
6 peeled, garlic cloves
6 cups chicken stock
1/2 cup ground pork
1/2 cup dried shrimp
12 lettuce leaves
6, 1/2 inch thick, 6 inches long pieces of port
12 green onions, thinly sliced
1 tsp sugar
1/4 cup peanuts, roasted and ground up
1 tsp dried chilli flakes
1 tbsp vegetable oil
Blanch the bean sprouts for 1 minutes, set aside on paper towel to 
drain. Boil the noodles in 6 cups of water for 4 minutes, drain them 
and set aside.Brown the ground pork in a sauce pan, add chicken stock 
and dried shrimp. Stir the mixture well and bring to a slight boil. 
Fry the garlic in the vegetable oil until crisp, remove the garlic and 
fry the pork strips until done. Place the blanched sprouts in the 
bottom of a large serving bow, add the cooked noodles and add the 
fried garlic and pour the remaining oil over the noodles. When the 
chicken stock mixture boils, tear the lettuce up and add it to the 
stock, remove the stock from the stove and pour it in the serving 
dish over the noodles and sprouts. Garnish with the pork strips and 
the green onions. Sprinkle in the peanuts, chile flakes and sugar. 
Ciuperci Umplute
(Romanian Stuffed Mushrooms, Serves 8, Appetizer)
1lb chicken livers
1 medium onion
1/2 cup chopped parsley
2 egg yolks
16 medium mushrooms
1/2 a stick of butter
1 bottle of dry wine
Boil the livers in dry wine for 20 minutes. Grind the livers in a 
large mixing bowl, add the onion, parsley and egg yolks. Mix well. 
Clean and stem the mushrooms, placing a very small amount of butter 
inside each cap. Stuff with liver mixture and then place in glass 
baking dish. Add another small amount of butter on top of liver mix 
and bake at 300f for 40 minutes. Serve while hot.
Butternut Salad
(Vegan, Serves 8 if Side Dish, 4 if Main Course)
1 large butternut squash, diced
2 small onions, chopped
2 large tomatoes, chopped
2 cups fresh green beans, broke in half
1 leek, sliced thin
1/4 cup mustard seeds
1/2 cup sunflower seeds
1 tsp herb salt
1/2 tsp black pepper
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
1 1/2 cups olive oil
Cook the squash until tender, yet firm, let it cool. Add the mustard 
seeds to a pre-heated frying pan and toast lightly, add three tbsp of 
the olive oil and then add the onions. Saute the onions for a short 
time and then set the mixture aside to cool. Combine all the 
ingredients in a large serving bowl, mix well and allow to chill over 
night. Serve cold.
Date Haroset
(Jewish, 20 Servings, Dessert)
1/4lb chopped dates
1/2 cup raisins
1/4 cup kosher red wine
1/4 cup finely chopped walnuts
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 cup confectioners's sugar
Cook the dates, raisins and wine in a small sauce pan over low heat, 
stirring occasionally until the fruit becomes a soft paste. Allow it 
to cool and then stir the nuts and cinnamon. Roll paste into bite-size 
balls then roll in confectioners' sugar. Refridgerate and serve cold.

Readers are encouraged to send their recipies for this column to Kileana directly, or to the mailing address in the "CONTACT US" link at the top of this newsletter.

In This Issue

Contributing Editors - articles:

Editor's Note
by: TupacShakur

Tupac's Welcome

la la fishy Welcome one and all to the Offical AIH Newsletter! The past newsletters have proved not to be very sucessful, and we hope to change that. Just like the Members' Site, its all up to you guys to keep it going with your contributions, and we know you guys are up for the challenge.. Have fun with this. This is YOUR newsletter, for you, by you.

As of right now, we have some regular editors who will be writing and collecting articles for publication every month. We also have a need for freelance contributions which can be sent in when you are inspired to do so. Contact us for a list of topics, or just write about something of interest to you. We are in need of articles for future editions of the newsletter, so please feel free to send us a sample of your work at any time.

You can email us if you'd like to help out, and let us know what you'd like to do. We dont have a sports column or a computer tips column yet. Maybe a resturant, music, or movie review? Please note that you'll be fully responsible for your column, if you choose to write one, whether it be a regular column or a one time contribution. Its you're responsibility to correct grammar and all that boring stuff..

So once again, We hope you enjoy the AIH Newsletter, and if you dont, then you should probably be seeking therapy about that.
  - TupacShakur

One On One
by: mamasmitty
mamasmitty Greetings My AIH family! This months interview is with Tupacshakur. Co-Keeper of the AIH member page and a very interesting and active member on the AIH site! So, Sit back and enjoy!
  - Mamasmitty/Kathy

Interview: TupacShakur

MamaSmitty (MS): How long have you been into computers? Where did you learn how to put together web pages? Are you self-taught?
TupacShakur (TS): I've been using computers since I was 4 years old. It started off just with playing games, and then I slowly moved onto the Internet. I don't know when I made that transition, but it wasn't long after. I was probably 6 or 7. I started making WebPages (With HTML) November of ‘02, actually. That's when I came up with the idea of the AIH Photo Site (Now, the AIH Members’ Site). It just started with photos, I didn't even have it all together yet, and I asked Yogi for some help. Apparently I wasn't doing much of a good job at the time because he had to basically re-do all that code for me so it actually worked right. That's when we became partners for that site, and look what it's evolved to now. Yogi has taught me alot of stuff along the way, and I also taught myself alot as well. Now I'm pretty good at making my own web pages, by using pre-existing bits of code, plus my own, cutting and pasting it everywhere, and it doesn't come out too bad. =) You can check what I’m up to at

MS: I see you are an artist! How do you do the graphic pictures? Are they computer animated? Do you do any other kind of art?
TS:Yes, I do art from time to time but I wouldn't consider myself an artist. I do most of my art on the computer using Adobe Photoshop 7, and Adobe Photo Shop Business Edition. It really takes very little skill to do, and if I sat down with someone for 15 minutes to teach him or her the basics of the program, they can do it too.... Sometimes I take a photo of something, load it into the computer, and manipulate it to make it look really cool. Sometimes also I take more than 1 art piece and combine them, that gives off a nice effect sometimes. I do other art, yes. I call it "Analog Art". Which of course requires a pen or pencil, paintbrush, whatever, and paper or canvas. I don't do much of that at home though, in the art classes I take at school are where most of that kind of work gets done. Latley in the past couple of months I stopped the computer art, and I’d like to start doing more hands on stuff now. We’ll see how that turns out soon, I guess.

MS: Is there more that you want to learn on the computer? Have you thought about taking some classes, or are you thinking of doing something as a career in the field?
TS: I'd like to become more knowledgeable in the web design field, I really enjoy it... I'd also like to know how to build and fix computers too. That's always a good thing to know how to do. In college, I'm pretty sure my major is going to have something to do with computers any way I look at it. Then again, doesn't everything have to do with computers today?

MS: Why are you are always saying you are bored?
TS: Yeah, that's mostly because I am. I have a pretty boring life during the summer. Everyone I know is working, at camp, or on vacation in their summer home. So usually I just end up sitting here alone doing stuff on the computer, or watching TV. Maybe I should try to find something to do.

MS: What are some of your favorite movies and actors/actresses?
TS: If I named all my favorite movies, I'd be sitting here naming them all day. So off the top of my head, I'd have to say Haggard, CKY, CKY2K, CKY3 , CKY4 Back to the future (Parts 1 and 2), Short Circuit 2, Mr. Holland's Opus, Billy Madison, Happy Gillmore, Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Freddy Got Fingered, Friday, Good Burger, and Training Day... I don't have any favorite actors, but I think Sean Connery, Brandon Dicamillo and Jack Black are pretty cool. Actresses hmmm.. Jennifer Lopez, and yes I have my reasons, which I wont get into right now, ha ha.

MS: What’s up with Queenceline???
TS: I don't know.. What’s up with her?... I heard she showers often, so she can't be ALL bad, can she?

MS: So you didn't know her before AIH?
TS: Actually yes I did, I met her on Brain-fuse February of 2002. Since then we've become really good friends, I don't know what I'd do without her. She's a big part of my life and i'm really grateful to have met such an amazing person as her. They dont come around often.

MS: So tell me about "Quizno’s". Is this the deli the has been serving you all your life? If not, then tell me about that TOO!
TS: Alright, well it all started when I was just a couple months old. My grandpa always used to bring me into the deli called Beckman's. It's about a 3-minute walk from my home. I went there an average of once or twice a week until I was about 12. I don't know why I stopped going so much, but I did. Probably because I could get other people to go for me (With my surplus of charm, of course). I still go there quite often, but whenever I want a nice hot toasty sandwich, Quizno's is where I turn.
About a year ago if someone said "Quizno's" I would have thought it was a new kind of board game or something like that. They were no where around here! One opened up right down the block from me, and I went in there and got a sandwich. With the first bite, it was like heaven. I couldn't imagine a more perfect sandwich. If you have a Quizno's near by, and you've never eaten there before, you better go!! Trust me! I got Yogi to do it and he likes it! (Although I was told the Salt and Vinegar chips are bad news!)I also got god to try it out. He wasnt that crazy about it, but that's okay, his opinion doesnt matter anyway, isnt that right Brian? Enough about sandwiches, I'm getting hungry...

MS: What about Chocolate Pudding and pop tarts??
TS: I love chocolate pudding, and I love pop tarts! I only like those smore pop tarts though... They would actually make a lovely combination together; I should try that out. If you get a chance, try pudding and waffles. Thanks to StVandal for that one.

MS: What is a typical Friday night in the life of Tupacshakur?
TS: 1 acronym sums that up.... AIH.

MS: I hear you play a musical instrument. What is it? Are you in a band?
TS: I've tried to play instruments many times, but I hate practicing at stuff. If I don't get something right the first time, I get aggravated. I’ve tried the drums, steel drums, and the guitar. I gave up on all of them really fast. I still have the drum set shoved in the corner of the basement.
I used to be in a band, I joined it at age 12. I was on the turntables, for those who don't know what that is, I just stood there and scratched records. After about a year, they kicked me out because I was useless, and now of course, they're playing at big clubs, they have a record deal, and become noticed in other places other than here in NY. As one would think, I don't care much for them anymore.

MS: What do you think are some of the biggest challenges for young people today?
TS: Relationships and peer pressure.... Everyone's always breaking up and making up and getting together with other people, it could put allot of strain on your emotional state. Ive been single all my life (not by choice), and I don't have a problem with it. The only thing I don't like is always being lonely. I get through it though; it's not a big deal. I think I'll wait until everyone's a little more mature.
Peer pressure is another big challenge. It's all around you everywhere you go. And the people you need to count on most (your peers) are pressuring people into things they don't want to do. Alot of people get hurt or die that way. That's never a good thing... There's no way to stop it though, it will always be around, but if you're strong willed enough, you can definitely just brush it off.

MS: What are some of the things that aggravate you most about parents and/or older (then you) people and authority figures?
TS: Alot of authority figures abuse their control, and treat the youth like they should be locked up in a cage some place. I've seen that way too often where parents don't give the children any freedoms, and that's wrong. For example if an older person was to say "Go to your room for the rest of the night, you forgot to feed the dog"... It's a mistake and could happen to anyone. I don't say to you "Go to YOUR room, theres too many lumps in the mashed potatoes"...

MS: What are your goals for your life?
TS: Well I'd like to graduate high school, take a year and move to California just to relax. Come back to New York and start college. During or shortly after college I'd like to get married to the woman of my dreams, not on a boat. (That's another story) Then have a couple of kids. I'd really like to be one of those dads where you go everywhere with your kids, to the park and stuff, whenever they want. My dad would just sit home and watch TV and make my mom do it. I don't want to be like that... Anyway, yeah after that, lots of years go by, living a normal life, then at age 65 I'll retire and take up golf. I always liked golf, but it hurts my back, so maybe I'll just go fishing instead. I don't even eat fish, so I don't see why I would fish, actually... But of course in my land of dreams, right after college my TV show (Still in the works) will get picked up by NBC and I'll become an instant hit, and live forever in big piles of money. Then I can finally buy a jukebox! WOOHOO!

MS: What's the story about marrying a woman on a boat?
TS: Oh here we go.. A couple of years ago my Aunt and Uncle got married on a boat, floating around New York all day and night. I haven't had much experience of being on boat, so I just went along not thinking anything of it. Well to make a long story short, I was covered in vomit for most of the night.

MS: What are some things your parents are proud of you for?
TS: Staying alive, probably. I don't do much to make them proud. I think they have high expectations of me that I just don't want to live up to. I don't do well in school, I don't have many talents, and I don't have much of a productive lifestyle, but that's okay because I'm happy. My mom always says that I have a good head on my shoulders. I don't know what the means, but it sounds good, so I'll just keep doing what I'm doing.

MS: Any final thoughts?
TS: Lala fishy.

Ask An Angel
by: Fallen_Angel

Advice to all

Fallen_Angel Dear Fallen_Angel,
I'm doing really bad in school, really really bad. I try my best, and do all i can, but no matter what, i still fail.. Can you give me some advice??

Dear Dr. Einstein,
I have personally been there before. When I was trying my best and still failing I decided to suck it up and go in for tutoring. Don't worry, you may feel stupid asking for help from your teacher, but the next time your friend asks you a question you'll be able to tell him the answer and all that tutoring won't seem so stupid after all.

Dear Fallen_Angel,
I like to collect belly button lint, but recently it's really starting to smell. It smells really bad, but i cant stop collecting it in the jar! Any idea how to stop the smell?
Dear Anonymous,
Instead of using plain, regular jars, collect some perfume/cologne jars or scented candles jars and then your lint will have a good scent. Or you could get creative and line the empty jar with some honey or other nice smelling liquid and you can place the lint in the jar and not only will it smell better, but it will stick to the side better.

Dear Fallen_Angel,
Everytime I peel a cucumber my eyes start to cry. Can you explain why this happens?
Dear Ms Childs,
This happens because as a child you may have had a green pet of some kind, lizard, frog, etc. and the thought of peeling your pet is very sad for you, hence the crying.

Dear Fallen_Angel,
My girlfriend says she comes from Toledo Ohio, but she has six toes on her right foot. Is she really a space alien?
Dear r2d2,
No, she's not a space alien. If they are on her right foot then that's fine, she probably got in some toxic waste as a child, but if they were on her left foot then I'd be careful around her, she may probe you.

Dear Fallen_Angel,
My computer smokes every time I turn it on. How can I get it to break the habit?
Dear Hacker,
Go to the store and they sell things to help this problem. Go to the isle that holds some smoking patches and gum. Buy a bunch of patches and bring them home and stick one on for how ever long the instructions say for. That should clear it right up!

Dear Fallen_Angel,
Does the light inside the refridgerator really go out when you close the door? How can I be certain?
Dear Mr Edison,
Yes it goes out. To find out open the door and there's a button somewhere on the frame of the door, just press it and the light will go out. Now try closing the door and keep it open just a crack and you will see it go off once the button is pushed in.

Dear Fallen_Angel,
I forgot the combination to my locker in school. Is this an omen of some sort?
Dear Anonymous,
Yes, this is an omen that many people get, but they are too forgetful to remember they received it. This means that later in life you are gonna suffer from memory loss.

Dear Fallen_Angel,
Could you recommend a good chain saw that I can use to trim the claws on my cat?
Dear Dr Doolittle,
I don't know any name brands, I'm sure any would be fine, but you might want to get an electric chain saw because if you get a gas chain saw, the cat is gonna go ballistic and probably tear a hole in the gas tank, yes, cats get that mad. Then you would have to bathe the cat and lets just face it, that's a hospital visit just waiting to happen.

Please send questions for this column to our mail box address listed in the 'CONTACT US" link at the top of this newsletter.

submitted by: Gadfly

Four Coin Problem

The following puzzle is based on a computer programming textbook algorithm.
You are given four coins of different weights and a balance. The 
reference weights for the balance have been lost.  How can you find 
both the heaviest and the lightest coin in only four weighings? Can 
you think of a way of applying this solution to 10 coins? What is the 
formula for the minimumnumber of  weighings required to find the 
coins of maximum and minimum weight  for n coins where n is even?
  - The solution to this puzzel will appear in our next issue.