Volume 2, Number 3, January 15, 2002 
       From The Editor:
Many of you are aware of the email that Chris Pirillo has posted on his Blog Page regarding AIH. I had posted a question
last week asking our members to take a look and respond, if they wished. I believe it's worth repeating. So, last week I
decided it was time to write Chris Pirillo of Lockergnome and thank him for publishing my first email a few months ago in
his newsletter. That little email generated hundreds of new members to AIH. In turn many of you who were unaware of
Chris Pirillo and Lockergnome signed up for his newsletters. I have always admired Chris and his dedication to those who
continue to count on him for daily news of new sites as well as his tips and tricks tech-wise. He never forgot his roots on
the Internet and even though he has his own show on Tech TV he remains one of the nice guys. If you haven't already, why
not take a look at my latest message on his Blog and add your own comments.   
             New Arrow Feature:
            As suggested by user 1da, The Arrow is introducing a new feature which will begin next week. We will feature a Question Of
            The Week. If you come across a question which strikes you as outstanding, especially if that question has some equally out-
            standing answers, we invite you to submit it to the editor for possible choice of QOTW. Please include the name of the member
            who asked the question and the date it was asked. After the editor has read all the week's entries, one will be randomly selected.
           Just to make this a little more interesting, 200 A-Bucks will be given to the person who sent in the suggestion and to the person
           who asked the question. Please send all suggestions to QOTW to deph@accesscable.net with QOTW in the subject line.
           Dilbert's Corner:

We are making tentative plans for the 2002 Regional Gathering. We are looking at March 23rd as the date for our first RG. The exact date and times are still very much up in the air. We are trying to schedule it around the time god is out of school for spring break. We are definitely looking at Pittsburgh as the site of the first RG because we have so many members in that area. It's only about a 3 hour drive for me. Hopefully we can get all the members from that area to make it for what should be a fun evening. If anyone in that area would like to come and they have a preferable time, please let me know and we will try to schedule it for maximum attendance and minimum conflicts.

We are also thinking about having the second RG a CurlyBen's Wife's pub in England. Maybe the following year we could do it in Sydney or Melbourne. After that, I'm totally open.


Amy's Corner,On The Tech Front:

Hello everyone, from your friendly neighborhood programmers.  I'm sure some of you may have noticed the new
policy we have in effect for profanity in the title of your questions and messages on the a-boards. There will be zero-tolerance for profanity in question titles, and we ask  that you be so kind as to include the words "adult content" within your title if your question contains profanity of any sort.

In the future there will be a feature where you will be able to select on a simple checkbox if you intend
to post any profanity (it will include a tiny graphic that indicates adult content), and this will allow other users to filter it out, and make it a more pleasant environment  for all, not to mention for us when we go about showing the site off to investors and/or
clients. It wouldn't look too good for us if we had profanity strewn all over the site...

We also agree with a lot of you, that this policy should be permanent,  which is why we put it in our general site policies section.

Thank you all for your support.  This is Amy & Adria, signing off.



AIH Tips&Tricks: 

Some of you have been wondering how to post on the A-Boards. The message board is a fairly new feature of AIH and
many may not know we even have them. To access the A-Boards, click the link to your left under the Chat Room link. To
post something, look to your right under your A-List where it says 'A-Boards'. Click the link titled 'Post'  to add your thoughts
to the A-Boards. The format is the same as the Question area - you may verify or just post directly.
Something just a litle embarrassing happened to me yesterday that I feel I should address here. A member re-activated
two questions, which is in itself fine but I noticed that I had answered both of them. Needless to say, I didn't remember
answering them so I assumed the worse - my account had been hacked! You can imagine my red face when the member
who re-opened the questions reminded me that they were old questions. But it brings up a point - I know I don't look at time-
stamps on questions and I'm sure most of you don't either. Maybe those of do re-open old questions should add a little
*This is a re-activated question* line...I KNOW I'm not the only member with such a poor memory! ;)
               The Target: 
               This weeks targets are fullydressed  and completelynaked ! Fullydressed has taken up residence in Peyton Place and
               despite the  reputation of this village, his mother has asked the people of AIH to guide and teach him in the ways of the world. 
               Completelynaked, strangely enough lives in Peyton Place as well and likes to sleep with the Queen's Royal Guards fuzzy hats.
Hey everyone, my name is Vicky - more commonly known as Completelynaked on AIH. I知 an 18 year old female (almost 19)
from sunny England. I知 currently studying a Business/IT degree at University, which I知 really enjoying. The course is quite interesting and I致e met many new friends. I知 not sure exactly what I would like to do afterwards, but I have another 2 and a
half years to think about that :)

I致e lived with just my mother for most of my life. I知 not an only child though - I have an older sister (who was old enough to
move out when I was about 5). She brought me 2 beautiful nieces (now aged 7 and 9) who I love dearly, and rumour has it that another may be planned in time for Christmas :) I also have a beautiful, but very mischievous cat called Sammie, who is 3 years
old. I love her to bits, she is so adorable!

As some of you know, I知 in a long-term relationship with Steve otherwise known as CompletelyNaked2. We致e been going
out for almost a year and a half, and despite our past ups and downs, we池e really happy. He痴 the sweetest person I致e ever met and I don稚 know where I壇 be without him. He痴 also the most annoying person I致e ever met, but I manage to live with that as I
love him so much ;)

I have quite a history with Q&A sites. I started out on Whquestion back in September 2000. At that time Steve and I were in a long-distance relationship, and as we were talking over the Internet a lot, it kept us very busy. After the demise of WH I spent a short
time at Knowpost, and then finally AIH :). I致e met so many wonderful, friendly and interesting people through these sites, many
of which I am still in touch with. I also know some people from AIH in real life Fullydressed, who is a really good friend of mine
(can you guess where he got his name from?), and of course CompletelyNaked2, my real-life boyfriend :)

Besides the usual interests of music, movies, partying etc, I love English, Dance and Art (especially Impressionism). My
favourite artists are Renoir and Sisley, and my favourite poets include WH Auden, John Keats and Shakespeare. I enjoy
reading occasionally, and some of my favourite authors are Stephen King, Frank McCourt, Thomas Hardy, and James Joyce.
I also enjoy travelling. I have only recently started to travel, but have visited France, Rhodes and Turkey in the last year, as well
as many places around the UK.

I like to think of myself as a kind, generous, sweet and caring person. Although I am quite shy, once people get to know me
they see my real character. While I (and others) believe that I am mature beyond my years, I also believe that I am still young at


Hi, I知 Steve, I知 29 and I live in Manchester in England. Host city of the 2002 Commonwealth Games and home to the worlds greatest football team, Manchester United.

By profession I am a chartered accountant, although this week I am between jobs. Next week I start work as the financial controller for a chain of Home Improvement Stores.

In my spare time I follow Manchester United around Europe, chat to my friends on AIH and am the Captain of a Boys Brigade company. I love to travel, and have been to 15 countries in Europe so far. My claim to fame would have to be having a pee stood next to Ryan Giggs at Kyiv Airport in Ukraine!

Like many others I am becoming something of a veteran of Q&A sites, having been introduced to WHQ by completelynaked and progressed through PA and KP to AIH and BF. I seem to have something of a reputation for being a ladies man, I have no idea where that came from. Anyone would think that my A-list was made up of 14 women and only 4 guysoops that痴 given the game away!!

I have answered more questions here than most, and have earned my current residence. However, I now like to give away my A-bucks, so every day a lucky user gets a gift from me. I don稚 suffer fools gladly and am quick to blacklist people who irritate me one pet peeve is people who ask for bucks, so don稚 even think about asking for a gift from me! Feel free to suggest worthy recipients though, just tell me why they deserve my bucks.

GreyEyes gave me some questions to get me thinking so I値l answer the ones I can

Are you an extrovert or an introvert? Would others agree with your assessment of yourself?

Definitely an introvert. I am the shyest guy on the planet. And nobody believes me when I tell them that.

If a fellow AIHer were to meet you face-to-face for the first time, what do you think would be their initial mental impression of you?

Isn稚 he quiet?? LOL

Where do you go if you want some peace and quiet?

I知 single and live on my own so peace and quiet is easy to come by.

What instantly comes to mind when you hear someone say, "Let痴 go camping!"?

For many years now I have been involved with taking the older BB members on a camping holiday each summer, so that would be the first thing that comes to mind. I have also met the Duke of Edinburgh (he is the Queens husband!) when I achieved my Duke of Edinburghs Gold Award a few years ago; part of that involved a week hiking and wild camping in some of the bleakest terrain in the country. All good fun.

Do you live near an internationally famous landmark or monument?

Manchester is the third largest city in England but doesn稚 have any particularly inspiring landmarks that spring to mind. I actually live in the eastern suburbs overlooking the Peak District which is really picturesque. Its great as I can be in the city in 30 minutes or the country in 30 minutes.

In what ways has the Internet impacted your life?
I have met some wonderful people through the internet. I知 not going to name names but they know who they are. I love each and every one of you.

Have you ever taken a trip alone?

Yes. I wouldn稚 want to go on a trip with my friends who are a couple, yet I don稚 see why I should miss out because I am still single. So if there is somewhere I want to go then I go. Only ever for short breaks though. The longest was three days to Nice and Milan.

If you were asked to volunteer to fight for your country, would you?

They wouldn稚 ask me. I知 quite small and quite skinny so they would have to be pretty desperate!


                  Useful Freebie:
                  This week's Freebie isn't at all useful but it IS fun. Want a nice full-size Lava Lamp for a screensaver? Visit
                   i-Mates to download a free version of the Lava Lamp. While you're there, why not browse the rest of the site?
                  They offer some very interesting programs!
    Great Quotes?
    Who uttered this week's Great Quote? Answer at the bottom of this newsletter.
    "No way would I let anyone suck my toes. God gave women better things to suck on than toes."

     Ask Uncle Millie
   Because I love and understand you like no one else ever will.

JC asks:
Dear Uncle Millie, I'm currently trying to get a patent for my new invention--the nerf car. It's a car made entirely
of nerf foam so that when it crashes, nobody gets hurt. I think it's a brilliant idea but my friend Marla
(the one with the rectal phobia) said that nerf cars are a stupid idea. Then she got drunk and ate my
cheese sculpture of AussieMike. Finally, to add insult to injury, she tried to sell me some tupperware. I
know that I should throw something at her but I'm sicking of throwing pudding and cheese at malcontents
and so I'm looking for some new and interesting tossable substance. It should be harder than a handful
of marmalade but softer than a turnip, an organic substance that does no physical damage and yet sends a
clear message of boundless polite indignation. What would you suggest?

Uncle Millie: JC - Your oddity fasinates and scares me. I think you've been into the old milk again, as it makes
you a bit delusional. Have you left your house this week?  Are you wearing pants made from cheese? Will you
come live with me and pat my head and tell me there aren't bats in the house flying at my head? I love you.

satan asks:
dear uncle millard, As you are the guru of romance would you please help me out. As you probably know i have my
heart set on aih's own abacab. Things are that well i send him kisses and he doesn't even acknoledge them. Then
one night i found him in the chatroom, we ended up sleeping together and it looked like things were going
good til, last week, he claimed to have cheated. Then he actually answers one of my a-mails. To complicate
things further for once god didn't vanish last night when i entered the chatroom and we ended up leaving
together. What should i do, since you have such skill in dealing with aussie mike i trust your advice to the upmost

Uncle Millie: Satan - What a situation you are in. I think you need to be more obvious. Subtle is never a strong quality
in people. In the situation of internet crushes you must make things clear. Send him amails explaining
the poetry you've written about him on various body parts and offer to email him pictures of said body parts.

pilvikki asks:
Dear Uncle Millie, my husband is forever scratching the dog's back. how do i get him to scratch mine?

Uncle Millie: Pilvikki - Have you considered emulating the family dog more? Try rubbing against him, drinking
out of the toilet and rubbing your bottom on the carpet.

Unsolicited Advice - Be sure to let your partner know you're thinking of them by phoning and texting them 17 times a
day for a week. Then don't speak to them for a week. Keep them on their toes. Let them know you're not afraid of committment by showing up for a date in a wedding dress. Let them know you're not going to be clingie by having sex
with one of their parents in their kitchen.

                                                          See you next week. Sincerely, The Editorial Staff of AIH's The Arrow.

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LANA9 uttered this week's Great Quote!