Volume 2, Number 1, January 1, 2002 
       From The Editor:
     It's been a busy two weeks. You may have noticed that the Arrow Archives do not show the last two editions.
     It's not from lack of trying but Angelfire has been acting up lately and I've been getting time-outs which erases
       anything I haven't actually published. I would imagine that the owners of Angelfire had some seriously burning ears
       over the last couple of weeks. But I'm going to update the Archives as soon as I can. That's my New Year's Resolution!
      Dilbert's Corner: 
                  It's traditional to make resolutions on New Year's Eve. With that in mind I would like to make some resolutions.
       In 2002 I will:

          Resolution 1

Not wait till the last second to do a Dilbert's Corner for GreyEyes. No more procrastinating. Starting tomorrow,
or next week some time, I will stop procrastinating.
Resolution 2

I will lose weight. It will be as soon as all the leftover Christmas sweets are gone. That cheesecake will also have to
be gotten rid of and it would be a shame to throw it away. I can't forget about all that Christmas candy either. As soon
as all that stuff is gone I am definitely going to start a diet and lose weight.

Resolution 3

I'm going to get more exercise. I'm going to get rid of this mini-refrigerator under my computer desk. The walk to the
kitchen to get food and drinks will be good for my cardiovascular system.

Resolution 4

I will spent more time with the family and less time on the computer. I will start as soon and I answer these 12 emails
and I get done searching the web to see if anyone has posted any new pictures of incredibly beautiful women who are
scantily clad.

Resolution 5

I will not do things that are humanely impossible. That means that I will totally disregard the first 4 resolutions.  I feel better
     Amy's Tech Corner:
     Let me start off by saying I'm sure all of you by now have noticed the new layout and design, as well as all
     the new features.  I'd like to extend a warm thank you to Adria for the layout and design of version 3.0.

    The anonymous feature is not back yet, but that is next on my list of priorities to ressurect.  However, there's
    a twist to this feature now.  If anyone is caught abusing it, individual members can and will be blocked from using
    the feature. This was not possible on version 2.x.

    I'm also working to enhance the disable block list feature, to take off all the blocks when disabled. :)  That may take
    me a while, and your patience is always appreciated.

    Until next week, this is the tech corner, signing off! :)  Hope you had a Happy New Year!


               Great Quotes?  Which AIHer uttered these words of wisdom?
"My FRUITCAKE is known far and wide as the best in the entire world. I have letters of gratitude from heads of State,
kings, professional gerbil breeders, just about everyone who has ever received one of my FRUITCAKEs."             

               The Target: 
               This weeks targets are AshleyMouse and Doctor X ! AshleyMouse lives in Dogwood Greene, has asked 
               72 questions and answered 182. DoctorX lives in Yellowstone, has asked 157 questions and answered 2016. 

 My name, as you may have guessed, is Ashley. I am going to tell you a little about myself.
One thing not many know about me is that I am afflicted with OCD or, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. One of my
main obsessions is not being able to read a book without first washing my hands. Sometimes I even feel the need to
wear gloves while reading so as not to get fingerprints on the cover. My OCD is in the early stages and I am hoping it
does not progress.

I am a writer. I have finished the first draft of a book but it is in the very early stages.
While writing is my passion, music is my life. I listen to music nearly as often as I speak. My favorite artists include
Andrea Bocelli, Ludwig Von Beethoven, Sergei Rachmaninoff, and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

My favorite musical is “Phantom of the Opera” of which the score I know word for word. Aside from listening to music
 and being generally obsessed with it I also write it. Some of my pieces include “Excelsis Gloria” (vocal, SATB) “La Tragedia” (Piano, translates to “The Tragedy”) “Be Thou As The Gentle Sea” (Piano) and my favorite piece “Carniva”
(Piano) I play the piano, the clarinet, the saxophone, and the blow accordian. I also love to sing. I made my debut
as a soprano more or less at the Second Annual Variety Show where I performed “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again”
from Phantom of the Opera. Sometimes as I sing the world ceases to exist for me in all its cruelty. Perhaps this is why
I love to sing so? Some people say I am really good, but I am never satisfied with the song I have just sung, no matter
how well it is done. “They never cross their ‘t’s’ just right, almost perfect, but not quite.” Said Shel Silverstein, who
pretty much sums it up for me.

I am never seen without my flower pendant, but please don’t ask me why. It isn’t magic, and I don’t believe luck is
anything more than a state of mind. In all actuality I am a deep thinker. Unfortunately, however, I can never seem
to express my thoughts except on paper. My favorite word (and I have read the dictionary twice) is “garish”. Whenever
you throw it in a sentence it makes you seem all the more cultured.

I speak a few languages, but not fluently enough to say I speak them fluently. They are, however: French, Spanish,
Italian, and German. I know untracable hints of Latin, Greek, and Finnish. My favorite French phrase is “Faites
comme un froid d’amd de popsicle”, which, roughly translated, means “Make like a popsicle and chill” I wont bore you
with my favorite from all of them, but being able to switch to different languages throughout a conversation makes
you seem witty and humorous. This is part of my charm.

I have an annoying habit of pulling my mouth to one side or the other when I am thinking. I also am an Altoid Addict.
(looking for a 10 step program) This isn't a bad thing because I never have bad breath and the tins are SO useful. :)
Well, I got through my bio without telling you anything of great importance. Ta-Ta.
--------------------------^ No one actually calls me Mo but it’s just easy to sign with.
Doctor X
I live in North Seattle, our principle import is Californians and out principle export is Ennui.  I work for a dotcom
that shall remain nameless (Hint: It's a drugstore.) and most of my family lives back in Alaska, where I was born and
lived until eventually escaping, as is the duty of every Alaskan child.  I have no pets because I am allergic to both fur
and feathers and don't think I'd remember to feed and water another lifeform that wasn't capable of coming up to me
and informing me that it wanted something.  My hobbies are role-playing games, watching movies, getting stronger so the
world will end, living on reds, vitamin C and cocaine, and swabbing door handles of cop cars with DMSO mixed with LSD.
Are you an extrovert or an introvert? Would others agree with your assessment of yourself?

I tend toward extroversion.  It depends on the people I'm around, really.  Someone once said that I change masks too
often and too quickly to get an accurate reading of my personality, and I think that's about right.

What would be the title of your official biography?

Hit The Ground Running.  Yes, I've thought about this a bit.

What is your all-time favourite movie, book, song, music group, author or actor?

Movie: The Great Escape
Book: The Hichhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Song:  King of Spain
Group:  Moxy Frűvous
Author: Unfortunately, Douglas Adams is no longer with us.  (Those in the Seattle area can see my tribute to him
by the payphone at Beth's Café.)  As for living authors, I like John Sandford's "Prey" novels and whomever writes
the "Tom Clancy's Power Plays" books.  (It's not Tom Clancy himself.  His name's in big letters on the front, but he
gets a "Created by" credit on the books themselves.)

If a fellow AIHer were to meet you face-to-face for the first time, what do you think would be their initial mental
impression of you?

I imagine it'd be something like the Nazis after opening the Ark of the Covenant.

Where do you go if you want some peace and quiet?

Beth's Café on Aurora in Seattle, Washington.  Open 24 Hours, home of the 12-egg omelet and bottomless hashbrowns. 
(This probably ISN'T going to get me a free meal, is it?  Ah, well.)

Do you have a life-long best friend?

That's the only kind of friend I make.

Do you live near an internationally famous landmark or monument?

Well, contrary to what the movies would have you believe, you CAN'T see the Space Needle from everywhere in Seattle,
but it's about a 20 minute drive from here.

What instantly comes to mind when you hear someone say, "Let's go camping!"?

Sorry, I like walls between me and nature.

Can you think of a book that has directly influenced your life?

"To Your Scattered Bodies Go" by Philip Jose Farmer.  It came into my life at just the right time: 15 and just
beginning to question everything I'd always been taught, it gave me more questions to consider.

Cell phones - necessity or annoyance?

A symbol of what's wrong with America and why we're truly living in the final days of Rome.

In what ways has the Internet impacted your life?

"Impacted" is the wrong word.  "Assimilated" would be better.

Do you have any heroes?

George Carlin, Bob the Angry Flower, Batman, James Bond and the protagonist of the Grand Theft Auto games.

Have you ever taken a trip alone?

Like, to the Center of The Mind, or to Portland?  The answer to both is Yes.

Do you have a particular pet peeve?

People who say "WhatEVER" and broken fingernails.

What is your favourite sandwich?

Subway: Meatball and cheese with extra mustard.
At Home: What's known around these parts as a British Sub.  Roast beef, ham, turkey and cheddar.

Do you have a childhood nickname that has followed you through adulthood?

Doctor X

When you look in a mirror, what do you see?

Nothing.  (I have a similar problem with not showing up on film.)

If you were asked to volunteer to fight for your country, would you?

Certainly, though I'd hope it would be recognized that my talents belong in intelligence rather than in the field with
a gun.  I respect those who do so, just don't believe I'm up to it.
Ask Uncle Millard

Even aliases can have good advice. If they've taken their pills. But I usually haven't. I don't know what my point was

CurlyBen's Wife - why oh why do i not want to eat ive spent the last few days very sick my head feels like
its part of the toilet and now i dont want food, what do you suggest uncle millie ?

CBW - I suggest my surefire hangover sure - 3 glasses of water, a package of powdered jello mix, and 7 fried
eggs. That may be my recipe for piles, actually.

SamHill - Dear Uncle Millard: I have recently discovered that the world is not to my liking. Is there anything you
can do?

Sam - Remember the world is constantly filled with oddities and new fasinating things you've never seen, there is
adventure waiting at your doorstep every morning. Try waking up tomorrow, eating 7 haldols, 6 fried eggs and a 5th
of whiskey, and go to the train station without your pants.

Blizzard - blah blah blah

Blizzard - No. I can't hear you, you're blocked.

Dear Mr. Fillmore,
I have been told that I do not suffer fools gladly. Is this a bad thing?

MSaligned - Never get angry at stupid people.

JC - I've always found your advice to be wonderful in the past (you're the only one who seems to understand
me) so I hope you can help me with this new problem. I recently got a research grant to study the mating patterns
of scizophrenic lemmings, but to make use of the grant I'd have to go live amongst the lemmings for
six months (like Diane Fossey did with the gorillas). I wouldn't mind except that my friend Bob really needs
me right now. He was recently arrested for violating a plastic flamingo and people in small towns can be very
judgmental about little things like that. So do I give up a wonderful lemming-related opportunity to nurture
a friend whose only crime is a fetish for garden ornaments? Or do I take the opportunity to live among
the rodents and leave Bob alone to suffer the puritanical scorn of his flamingo-phobic neighbours?

JC - I think I love you. Please ask your friend to return my plastic flamingos.

Unsolicited Advice - Evi**i, webcams in your shower may not be the best way to pick up girls. Please stop
mailing my mother the URL. And stop disappearing from AIH for long stretches without notifying the proper authorities.
Please follow policy and procedure in the future.

                                                           Thoughts by vangar....           

The place is in ruins.
In the distance a baby screams in hunger,
A child cries in fear.
Mothers weep for peace,
Fathers moan in pain.
The lucky ones don’t move,
For them the fight is over.
In the background shots still ring,
Gunpowder is heavy in the air.
Then quiet. All is still.
The calm before the storm.
Then it happens,
The whistle overhead, The shouts of panic.
More still bodies, More carnage.
Will it ever end?
For some, maybe.

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Happy New Year from The Arrow!

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,

And never brought to mind?

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,

And days of auld lang syne? And days of auld lang syne, my dear,

And days of auld lang syne.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,

And days of auld lang syne?


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