Volume 2, Number 6, February 5, 2002 
     From The Editor:
     I love editing The Arrow. Just as Dilbert and god consider AIH their 'baby' I consider The Arrow mine. I remember
     way back when we were first announcing a weekly newsletter, some members were taking bets on how long it
     would last. We proved the naysayers wrong. But now I'd like to ask you something - what does 'community involvement'
     mean to you as it pertains to The Arrow? I ask because lately we haven't been seeing a lot of that involvement.
     The Arrow was created to further connect you the member with each other and the Admins. It was created so that
     you as a member of our community could contribute with your creativity, your opinion, your criticisms, your humour.
     At first you were doing exactly that. But now you aren't.
     An online medium such as this is only as good as the people who contribute to it. Look at Lockergnome as an
     example. Chris writes his piece and the rest is member submissions. I can pretty well guarantee that Chris doesn't
     go looking for them either. Now let's take a look at The Arrow. Our newest feature is Question Of The Week. For this
     issue we received two submissions. The database is down to one Target bio after today's issue. If you dislike a
     feature, TELL US. Write us, and tell us it sucks or it's boring or stupid. To say nothing and do even less tells us one
     thing - you don't care.
    Apathy is the first step toward on online medium such as a newsletter disappearing. I know at least some of you don't
    want to see that happen. And I'm not directing this toward those who DO care about The Arrow and you know who you are.
    So, tells us what you like and what you hate about this newsletter. Submit an article. Tell us what you'd like to see included.
    If you haven't done so, submit your Bio for the Target without being asked. Rant at us. Rave at us. Get involved with
   YOUR newsletter. Show everyone you care about The Arrow and AIH.  Show your community spirit!
      The February 12th edition of The Arrow will be a special Valentine's Day issue. We will be accepting your
      submissions for the following: since Valentine's Day is a a day of love, The Arrow would like to publish your
      love notes and messages to someone you may have a secret crush on from AIH. You don't have to sign your
      message if you're still too shy to declare yourself. But this isn't exclusively a 'secret crush' edition, everyone is
      invited to send their special Valentine wishes. You can send your V-Day wishes to deph@accesscable.net or to
      GreyEyes' a-mail on the site. Let's make this a Valentine's Day we won't soon forget!

    Question Of The Week:
    This week's winner of QOTW is Chrysoval! Congratulations and 200 A-Bucks is being transferred to your account.
    200 A-Bucks will also be deposited into 1da's account for submitting this week's QOTW.
   The Question:
  Reading mispronunciations
You can tell somebody reads a lot when they mispronounce words as the look rather than how they are supposed to sound. Like pronouncing epitome as 'EH puh tome' instead of 'eh PIT uh mee'.

Mine was 'misled' which I always thought was past tense of misle, a word I thought (from context) meant the same thing as mislead but with a more sinister connotation. Ex: "Don't you misle me!".

Of course there's no such word. What words did you (or do you) read different than you speak?



Dilbert's Corner:
I like to look at the sessions that AIH gets and get an idea where all the people on the site are logging on from. This is last week's log of unique sessions and where they are from. Virginia, NY, and Germany's number are higher because AOL uses those three places for connecting to the Internet. My question is... Why is the United Arab Emirates so active. There must not be much going on there. They beat out the largest of the US states.  I find this very interesting.  OK, I know I don't have a life. I love numbers and statistics.
During the Week of Jan 27th, 2002.
ask-it-here.com recorded 17526 unique user sessions.
A total 11609 sessions were resolved to geographic locations.

Virginia, USA.               6099
New York, USA.            851
Germany                      786
United Arab Emirates     611
California, USA.             481
United Kingdom             419
??, USA.                       384
Pennsylvania, USA.       165
New Zealand                 135
Australia                       132
Colorado, USA.             131
Canada                         119
Ontario, Can.                115
Netherlands                  106
Washington DC, USA.    97
Ohio, USA.                    87
South Africa                  81
Florida, USA.                80
Massachusetts, USA.    63
British Columbia, Can.    55
New Jersey, USA.         50
Utah, USA.                  49
Japan                          47
Illinois, USA.                47
Portugal                      45
Total for Period (57 items)    11609     203.67     

Amy's Corner - On The Tech Front:  
Hello everyone,
I trust you all received your Arrow newsletter without any hassles, thanks to the new systemI set up for our editor, GreyEyes.  :)  There have been so many new avatars added since I last wrote,and there are only more to come. 
I hope you all enjoy them.  There's also a few new emoticons, and there's more of those on the way too!

Always trying to make AIH a better place for everyone!  I'm sure by now a lot of you have taken noticeof the new menu system, the DHTML flyouts.  I am glad everyone seems to like them, they save a lot of room and make things much more efficient.Until next week, this is your friendly neighbhorhood web-master signing off. :)

Oddly Enough News:
All the house numbers in a Romanian street are to be changed because of superstition.

There are more than 40 buildings on the street and they all have numbers beginning with 66.
Officials in Sinpetru say the numbers will be altered because of mix-ups and the "bad reputation" of 66.
The number is associated with 666, the 'number of the Devil'.

Evenimentul Zilei Online reports the first houses built five years ago in Renasterea Street, or Revival Street, were numbered 66.

People kept on building new houses and the same number was used. They added letters after the number to help identify the houses and, when they ran out of letters, they added another digit on the end, coming up with the likes of 66A1.

Residents say they are very proud of their addresses because they haven't heard of anything similar. The postman says he always delivers by name rather than by address.

Officials want the numbers changed following the next census in the spring.


AIH Tips&Tricks:
Did you know that you can view all your A-Buck transactions including a running total of your daily sign-in salary? Go to The Bank and select 'View Your Past Transactions'. From the drop-down menu you can view your moves, your daily salary, your purchases, and your A-Buck transfers, both received and given. If you make a habit of giving away a lot of A-Bucks you'll be able to see exactly how much per month.  
Did You Know...
In England during Queen Victoria's reign, it was illegal to be a homosexual but not a lesbian. The reason being that when the Queen was approving the law she wouldn't believe that women would do that.

Each month, there is at least one report of UFOs from each province of Canada.

Last one...
According to Genesis 1:20-22, the chicken came before the egg.


            The Target:
            This weeks targets are Kilnamar and DiddyBug! DiddyBug lives in Yellowstone and can be found on any given day
            holed up in her secret lab eating Marmite by the jar and experimenting on her screaming veggies. Kilnamar is rather
            reclusive lately in his cozy little cave in Camelot. He's a dreamer and a poet. He's been sad though of late, lamenting
            the loss of his beloved PP.

Hiya - Diddy here - my real name is Jenny, I'm 18 years old and I live in Reading (where Kate Winslet is from), in the
South of England with my parents and my tortoise, Sam. I have pretty horrendous eyesight problems which are just
about fully corrected by contact lenses, but not competely. I'm in my last year at school, which means I have loads of
free periods which I often spend on AIH. Before coming to AIH in September I was briefly part of WHQuestion and Pointask, and in fact DiddyBug is my second appearance on AIH, as I forgot the password for my Oxy Moron account last summer. Cariad is one of my schoolfriends - I introduced her to AIH a while ago.
Hopefully when I finish school I am going to study botany at university, and genetically modify food that isn't 'frankenfood' and solve all the world's hunger problems single handedly. In the meantime I will carry on lazing about and spending too much time in front of the television and on the internet. I am a total computer addict - far more so than any of my friends, who probably think i'm a total geek, except when I burn CDs, which just makes them jealous.
More than anything in the world I like to laugh - it is probably the best feeling in the world. I also like to make other people laugh - which isn't always successful but I keep trying... mainly I am just way too sarcastic and I have what i call 'brain-before-mouth' syndrome - I just say stuff all the time without thinking - most of it rude unfortunately.
I am passionate about my left-handedness, and have wasted a lot of time and energy researching it. My primary school teacher failed spectacularly to teach me joined-up handwriting, and as a result my writing is almost completely illegible. My mirror-writing is neater and pretty fluent these days, useless as it is, so maybe I could be the next Leonardo Da Vinci..
Favorite Movie: 'Thelma and Louise', or possibly 'The Addams Family Values'
Favorite Book: Sophie's World - Jostein Gaarder
Favorite Song: Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
Favorite Author: Terry Pratchett
What is the one thing you do better than anyone else you know?
Nothing, I suppose. I'm ok in the creativity department.
What was the happiest moment in your life?
I'll be stereotypical and say when my son was born, but only because I can specifically put a time to that moment. There have been countless moments since then that he has made my heart sing with joy and pride.
What is your ultimate job, and what is the worst job you've ever done?
My ultimate job would be to make a living as a writer. I love the whole process of creation that goes into writing a piece of fiction--the thrill of seeing something from my own mind come to life so others can see it. The worst job I ever had was probably working a dump tank on a cherry processing line. Wet, cold and horrible hours with rare breaks.

What accomplishment in your life are you the most proud of?
Speaking materialistically--I won a bronze medal in college during a state competition. There are probably other things I am more proud of, but they would be a novel in the telling.

Do you have a 'most embarrassing moment'?
I'm not telling, but I will say it was more embarrassing than chopping my own foot with an axe.

What's your specialty in the kitchen?
Oddly, I have become far more proficient at cooking since getting married. I make a mean spaghetti, and mashed potatoes is an art.

What is you motto?
Remember me when I'm famous.

Do you know your next-door neighbours' names?
No, I'm a recluse. Add that to being in a new suburb where our neighbors are even newer than we are.

What is the most important thing you've learned so far?
Make memories. Good and bad things happen to everyone. There's no control over that. But you can choose your attitude, and how your memories of those things will be.

What's the last non-fiction book you read?
Last completed was Harry Potter #4. Almost finished with Winter's Heart, by Robert Jordan.

Name a random act of kindness you did for someone (that they never found out about).
I'm always going around making things easier for my left-handed wife. Does that count? (Please?)

Your favorite sport: Would you rather A.) Play it. B) Watch it on TV. C) Be a spectator with great seats.
Play it.
A man has just been rescued after 30 years on a deserted island where he has had absolutely no contact with the outside world. You can tell him one thing. What would you tell him?
My turn.

Happiness is-------------.
Being a priority in someone's life.
Do you have any hidden talents?
I don't know, they're hidden. :) But if you mean rarely shown or known by few--I have a fairly good singing voice.
Describe your ideal vacation.
It would probably involve the ocean in some way...or maybe a lake and a rowboat or canoe. The kids would be there.
No deadlines or places to be. Just relaxing.
What kind of museums do you like?
I loved the Ripley's Believe it or Not museum in California. I love museums of oddities and such. I would also like to visit the museum that has some of Tolkien's original Lord of the Rings manuscripts.
What is it you would still like to accomplish in life?
I guess I'm one of hundreds or thousands that want to write that amazing story that will change the world. Oh...and I want to be wealthy, but only so I can concentrate on what is really important to me without all the financial worries.
What is your favourite part of AIH? Your least favourite part?
Definitely the social part. I need all the help I can get meeting and making friends. I don't really have a least favorite part. I do wish the A-Boards got more action.
What would you like to see included in The Arrow?
No real suggestions. I'll just say I mostly read for the comments from the site admins and the freebies and tips.

        Great Quotes?  Who uttered this week's Great Quote? Answer at the bottom of this newsletter. 
"I really like my Ikea Tromso loft-bed, for several reasons:

* it's very cosy sleeping on it (the ceiling is barely a metre from my head)
* it's very comfortable
* it allows me to store a lot of stuff under it - which is very convenient, as I live in a small studio apartment
* it's very Ikea - practical, efficient, and anal-retentive; I like Ikea a lot
* because I spent six hours assembling the damn thing, I've become quite attached to it."

Useful Freebie:
This week's Useful Freebie was suggested by SamHill." Rainlendar is a very customizable calendar that resides on your desktop and shows the days of the current month. The application is a Litestep plugin, but it can be used without the Litestep as well. You can use it even with the normal Explorer-shell if you like. The calendar can be customized to fit your taste (and theme). You can use different fonts and colors, select the background image or just use copy of the current wallpaper. All customization can be made with a GUI, so no hassle with cryptic configuration-files or registry entries."
Ask Uncle Millard, 
Put your trust in me.

Huon asks, Dear Uncle Millard,
What does the future hold for me?

Dear Huon,
You will go to school and learn things over and over from teachers that are either overly ambitious or that hate you so
much they twitch.  You will experience love like you never will as you grow cynical and jaded.  You will go to college and
develop bad eating habits that will follow you, and eventually give you an ulcer.  You will get a job that's nothing like what they promised you in the flyer at school.  You'll become a market analyst for a soap flake distributor.  They won't make the soap
or sell the soap directly but more analyze the trends and lease soap warehouses.  You'll start to drink not a lot but only when
you golf.  Then only if you've had a bad day.  Then only if you have a long conference call discussing the new form to use to
request a database access passcode.  You get married to a girl who works in the coffee shop who you thought was different
and funny but she's just loud and dyes her hair with henna.   One day you wander out of your office with a bottle of JD and end
up under a railroad bridge throwing stones at the mutated fish in the river.

Please note the previous section is copyrighted I'm turning it into a children's book.

I love you all.


                                                          See you next week. Sincerely, The Editorial Staff of AIH's The Arrow.


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                                                                                       Fatboy uttered this week's Great Quote!