Volume 1, Number 3, October 30, 2001
From The Editor:
You know you're a geek when you request your husband give you software for your birthday rather than roses. You know 
you're addicted to a website when the software you requested will be utilized to create better graphics for that website. You 
know you've reached the point of no return when you write your weekly editorial on the night of your birthday which to many is 
considered somewhat of a milestone. So here I am - the hopelessly addicted geek who has spent her milestone birthday 
preparing for the latest edition of The Arrow using brand new software. Can life get any better than this?  You'll notice I've decorated this week's newsletter in the spirit of the occasion. Halloween just wouldn't be Halloween without 
The Monster Mash.mp3 by Bobby Pickett. Just click on the title at the top of the page.The file size is 4.68MB. Of course we're all familiar with The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. You  can read this wonderful poem here. Enjoy and have a safe and happy Halloween!
Dilbert's Corner:
 I see a lot of questions asked about how many people are in each neighborhood. I checked the database and we currently have:
 We will be adding communities in the future. Would you like to have a village named after you?  I would like to get the avatar 
 thing working. If you know a programming language that is compatible with what Amy has done and can give us a viable avatar 
 subroutine, we will name a community after you.
Did You Know? "Evian" spelled backwards is naive...hmmmmm, wonder if the producers of Evian water knew this?
This Week's Useful Freebie is a little program that will allow you to perform a Defrag without getting stuck at 10%. Power 
Defrag 2.00
is a system tool for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE and Windows ME which improves the performance  of the Microsoft disk defragmenter tool and prevents some common types of crashes.
Great Quotes?
    Can you guess which AIHer uttered these words of wisdom? "The NEW, IMPROVED Play-Doh Toothbrush. It not only sort of 
    cleans your teeth and turns your mouth a charming new color, the salty Play-Doh provides necessary nutrients. Our Slogan: 
    "Even Homer Simpson uses one. Just say 'D'OH'." Answer at the end of this newsletter.
The Target:
     This week's Target spotlights are Silverback (Yes, the REAL Silverback!) and Psykomom.  Silverback lives in Dogwood
     Greene, has answered 837 questions ans asked 101. Psykomom lives in Greys' North Country. She has answered 1714
     questions and has asked 23.
     Good day to one and all. Silverback here or as most of you know me as Mista Ed. I started out over at WHQuestion, moved on to
     KnowPost, and now have my internet home here at Ask-It-Here. I was the second Sage on WHQuestion and I actually got my
     T-shirt, coasters, and certificate from them! I think that most of you know about me and a lot of things are already posted in my
     profile when you click on my handle. But it never hurts to go over the basics: Real Name: Ed Date of Birth: 9-Mar-73 Place of
     Birth: Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA Nationality: 100% US American!!! Ethnicity: Puerto Rican and Mexican Family: Yeppers. I
     got a wife, a dog, a mom, a dad, two brothers, and in-laws. Marital Status: Yeppers. Married to a wonderful gal for the past 6
     years. College Major: Political Science and then on to law school. Pets: My dog Sasha, a mixed Rottweiler and Doberman.
     Political Affiliation: Conservative Republican. Currently I am living on Guam due to my wife being stationed out here. She is a
     nurse in the United States Navy. We'll be out here for the next two years so I can pretty much guarantee that I will be on here
     for the next two years. I am very opinionated on many things and especially when it comes to politics. I believe that is a right and
     a wrong. I believe there are very few things in life that have gray areas. I believe that we can disagree on many things and still
     be civil. I believe that you can have a wrong opinion but that does not always make you a bad person. Recently I have started a
     little something called "Good News Sunday". Here I want to post some good news that is uplifting, positive, and/or makes people
     feel good. Not that I want to get all mushy on everyone but there are good things that happen in this world of ours. It is not all
     gloom and doom. Aside from this I think that about sums it up. Feel free to contact me on anything if I can be of assistance.
     Hi, y'all, my name is psykomom (Jackie to close friends). I live in Beaumont, Texas, which is in southeast Texas, 90 miles east
     of Houston, approx. 300 miles south of Dallas, 35 miles west of the Louisiana border and about 40 miles from the Gulf Coast
     (Gulf of Mexico). I have a cabin at Crystal Beach that is just across the bay from Galveston. You still have to ride the ferry to get
     back and forth. I was born and raised here. I married my high school sweetheart after we both graduated, which was a huge
     mistake. It lasted 14 years, but I did get something wonderful out of it, my son Robert is 45, lives with his family in Dallas and
     works for Lockheed Martin as a rocket/missile designer engineer. My daughter Elizabeth is 37 and just happens to be my best
     friend in the world, lives here in Beaumont and does Medical Transcription at home. I have six grandchildren.
     I finally did find true love when I met my Johnnie at a singles club dance at the local Methodist Church. I had been divorced 6
     months and was devastated; he had been divorced for about four years. He had two kids, Patricia who is 44 and Jay who is 46.
     Well, it was truly love at first sight. We married 8 months later and that was the happiest I have ever been up until I lost him
     March 17, 1999. We had such love for each other and our kids, he was the love of my life and I was his. It took a while and a
     little work for all six of us to start getting along and to make a complete family, but we did it. He loved my kids like they were
     his and vice versa. When we lost him, every one of the children were totally devastated and lost. They all get along so well and
     you could not tell any of them that they are not blood brothers and sisters. They all keep close watch on each other and me and if
     it weren't for them, I hate to think of where I would be now. I worked for many years at Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. doing
     engineering and drafting and Johnnie worked for many years at Mobil Oil as an operator. We both retired a few years back. I
     am also left with what was Johnnie's dog, Psykodog, but he and I have adopted each other.
   Let's see now, Lady GreyEyes gave me a list of subjects she thought might be helpful and I will try to use some:
   Title of my Biography?  "Strange Things Happen".
   Favorite Movie:  "The Godfather" (I just ordered the complete set on DVD). Oh, and "Gone With the Wind".
   Favorite Book:  "The Godfather".
   Favorite Song:  "Amazing Grace" and "American Trilogy" by Elvis.
   Favorite Author:  Dean Koontz.
   Favorite Actor:  Scott Bakula.  Favorite Actress:  Sally Field.
   Life long best friend:  my daughter, Elizabeth.
     This is very important to me: What was the Internet's impact on my life? When I lost my Johnnie, my life was shattered. I felt
     as though my world had come to an end, this wasn't part of our plans, we were going to be together for many more years and
     enjoy life after retirement. He meant the world to me. But, mini-strokes started taking him down and it was a long, slow,
     miserable death. He didn't deserve any of it. At the end, for almost two years, I was his caregiver and my dad's, too. Then, on
     March 1, I lost my dad and on March 17, I lost Johnnie. I didn't care if I lived or died, as much as I love our kids, I didn't care
     about anything any more. A cousin of mine with whom I was raised decided to send me a computer to keep my mind busy and
     that is when I started having a few feelings again. My son-in-law found KnowPost and introduced me to it. In no time, I had found
     the most wonderful bunch of people I have ever known. They became good friends, they cried with me, laughed with me, gave me
     many words of wisdom, they all gathered around and made me start feeling again and I will be grateful for that the rest of my
     life. I hope they all know that. I am also grateful to Dilbert, Amy and god for this site because it was a big loss to me when
     KnowPost went down. I have come to enjoy Ask-It-Here just as much and I now have more wonderful friends here.
 So, I would like to leave y'all with some words of wisdom...Don't mess with Texas...I am not a bitch...I am THE BITCH!!!!

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