Premier Edition October 16, 2001  


From The Editor:
Welcome to the very first edition of's official newsletter. To tell you the truth Dilbert saved my life. Perhaps that's a bit melodramatic. Dilbert saved my winter. His idea about starting this newsletter came at the same time as the beginning of the NHL season. Every year at this time I bid my husband adieu as he heads off to the nether regions of the family room, fires up the satellite dish and the 50" screen as he settles in for all eighty-two games played by the Toronto Maple Leafs. Thank goodness for my computer and now this newsletter which by the way was named by Kanthume - thanks for the suggestion!

Each issue of The Arrow will feature a note from Dilbert, the owner of The site's programmer, Amy otherwise known as Maurynna Kyrissaean will contribute an article that will touch on site news, updates and new features. We will also be spotlighting two AIH members in each issue of The Arrow as well as some AIH Tips & Tricks, Great Quotes??, and member submissions.
                                                                   Deb - GreyEyes


Dilbert's Corner

It has been a very active week on Ask It Here. We have increased our member roster by more that a factor of 5. When I first logged on to AIH Monday morning I was certain that somehow the database had been screwed up because the number of members that I was seeing was more than twice what it had been. I went to the best possible place for information and that was the new questions. I was pleased to see that we had been mentioned in's daily mailing. The response from people was immediate and very interesting. The influx of people also included an influx of great questions and equally great answers. As a result, AIH is a much better place. I would like to welcome all the new users and to tell them that we are here to help. You will find that we are a very hands-on site and love to be part of the fun. What is funny is that I was just looking at a user profile and it had a member number in the mid 400's. Last week I would have considered them a newbie and today I consider them an old-timer.

The rapid increase in new members gave me the idea of having an emailed newsletter. With so many new people it's hard to greet each and every one of them and it's very important to me to have everyone feel welcome and to help them become part of what is becoming a very great community. When looking through the profiles I find that we have an incredible array of talent on this site. I don't want to lose one person because they feel left out and not included in what goes on here. I hope the newsletter helps inform each of us how diverse we are and well as how similar we are.

A Useful Freebie  

Many of our members have asked about a free spell-checking program. This program is worth checking
out." WordWeb is a powerful free English thesaurus and dictionary. Hundreds of thousands of people
from all over the world use this top-rated software." The 4.5MB program sits on your taskbar.
Features include definitions, synonyms, proper nouns and related words.


Amy's Corner

On the tech-front:

As some of you have probably already noticed, some of the pagination has changed on the site.  I am in the process of implementing a new method to organize new, asked, answered, and categorised questions.  There are still a few bugs I'm trying to work out of the various sections, but so far, new questions and asked questions seem to be working properly. The message boards are still being written by Adria, we'll keep you posted as to the progress of them.

The block feature is relatively new as well.  It allows you to block another user, and hides all their questions and answers from you.  If they had you on their A-List, you'll be removed from it if you block them.  If you've answered some of their questions and you block them, you'll still be able to get to the questions they asked and your answers, as I assumed
you'd not answer a question asked by someone you wish to block.  Also, that person can no longer see you in the FIND A USER function, nor the WHO'S ONLINE function.  However, if they somehow get to your profile, a message will be displayed that you have blocked them. They can see your questions and answers, and can even answer your questions, but the system gives them an automatic neutral rating (2 stars) if they try to answer your question,
and if they attempt to A-Mail you the system notifies them that they have been blocked and cannot send you A-Mail.

The emoticons currently only work in the view question page.  They are not supported on A-Mail or profiles as yet, but will be soon.  They won't be supported in question titles.  HTML marquee tags, and font tags will also be filtered out of the question titles.

  Great Quotes??

Can you guess which AIHer uttered these words of wisdom? "I have a highway to run, that is almost as good as my own world. What I say on my highway is the law as a couple more people found out today." Answer at the bottom of this newsletter.

   The Target

Each edition of The Arrow will spotlight or target two of our members. These members will be selected alphabetically, one from the top of the alphabet and one from the bottom. This weeks targets are Daisy_Dewbs and god!



I am a 17 year old female. I live in Alabama, USA. I have 2 stepbrothers, 1 stepsister, 1 half sister, and one real brother. I have a Stepmother, a Father, and a Mother. I live with my mother. I like to get online, and Play my N64. I do not currently have a job...but I will have to get one soon in order to pay for Gasoline for my new car (It takes $12 to fill it up). I am a junior in High School. And I have two pets, A cat named Cottontail...kitty for short...and a Dachshund named Oscar Mayer Wiener Dog. The thing most people find surprising about me is that I am engaged to someone who is 2 years younger than me, that I am engaged so young, and that I am actually In love. I am engaged to Apollo...he was the one who let me know that this site existed. My best physical feature is my hair...everyone finds it fascinating. My worst physical feature is my stomach (but I am working on that). I think everything happens for a reason. If I could have something happen again...I would have to say meeting Travis (Apollo) again. It was great in the beginning...It still is...I wouldnít change a thing. If I could go somewhere again...I would have to say Maine. It is the state I was born in, I went up there last Christmas, and had a blast. And, I would love to visit Australia. Well, That is me in a nut shell.



My name is Brian, and my father is Dilbert. Dad and I often would sit in the living room bouncing ideas off of each other, and it was about March when we thought, we could make a site, it couldn't be too hard. So I took some programming classes in PHP, and learned as much as possible in those 6 weeks, and we searched through at least 20 names, before we settled on Ask It Here. But this is not the story of AIH, this is the story of me. Iím currently a 21 year old in Ohio, currently "unemployed" but going back to college after a year off. Iím looking to get into programming full time, preferably being as good as Amy doing websites. To answer some questions proposed by GreyEyes, the name of my autobiography would be "The other bible" (not capitalized). I donít have any other real favorite sites on the Internet, unless you count Yahoo games. Iíll take anyone on at go fish. Where would I never go again if I had a choice? To the doctorís office for an LP. I wonít get into it too far, but my being a 7-foot tall man, makes medical procedures different. If I could choose to either be 7 foot tall, or not, I would still be this tall. Though I donít use it for the powers of good, itís always nice getting stuff off the top shelf at the grocery store for little old ladies. I was very recently in a movie, and while I have a bit part, I may possibly get more parts, due to a friendship between my sister and the director. And finally, my favorite author is Dean Koontz, and my favorite AIH user is Chase, but thatís just cause sheís a sweet gal.


AIH Tips & Tricks

Wondering how to get those cute emoticons into your answers? Here's how: open the link titled 'Emoticons' to the left of your page. After deciding which one you wish to use, highlight the name of the emoticon with the colons and copy. Click the back button to return to your answer and click paste. Voila! The emoticon will not show up in the answer validation window but it will appear in your answer.

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