Volume 1, Number 7, November 27, 2001
               From The Editor: 
               We'd like to have some submissions from our members for future Arrows. How about a
               Letters To The Editor section? Opinion pieces are always welcome as are original poems
               and short articles. Comments, either positive or negative are encouraged - for instance what
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               Dilbert's Corner:
               Last Week:
                                         Day      Hits           Average %
               Sunday:              157249    114742.64      15.11%
               Monday:             196164    169786.91      18.85%
               Tuesday:            184648    123964.36      17.74%
               Wednesday:        156850   128074.27      15.07%
               Thursday:          91542     138596.36      8.80%
               Friday:              134030      140441.91     12.88%
               Saturday:          120174     116983.00      11.55%
               Weekly Total:   1040657     932589.45
               Come on people. What the heck happened on Thursday? You can't take off
               completely because it was Thanksgiving in the US. I know that some will say
               that people should be spending time with their loved ones on Thanksgiving,
               but there are questions to ask and answers to give. From now on, if you are
               going to take a day off from AIH, you are going to be required to provide a
               stand-in to ask and answer questions while you are gone. 
               Stickman Willy Dishes It Out:
               Kanthume asks, "Would you mind if I put a picture of your profile in my profile?"
               SMW: Why not, everybody else does. I take a rather stunning profile shot don't I?
               Iri$ asks, "Why am I feeling so down, and why is everything just shit, and why do I have a lot of
               homework for Monday, and why doesn't anything go the way I want it to...?"
               SMW: Let me guess - you're between the ages of 13 and 19, right? It's called angst. Worry not, it
               goes away.
               benco0008 asks, "How does it feel to be frozen in a jumping jack for all eternity?"
               SMW: You mean that's not how I'm supposed to look?? To me, you look funny.
               Great Quotes?  Which AIHer uttered these words of wisdom?
               "I believe that the women on AIH are better looking, and certainly much smarter than those
               Hollywood women. If the women here on AIH were lavished with the attention, money, and beauty
               make-overs that those Hollywood women get, they would put them to shame. Really. The women
               here on AIH are much nicer."
               Useful Freebie
               For all you stargazers out there, WinStars is a complete planetarium, showing you the appearance
               of the sky, as seen from anywhere on Earth, for any date. With a click of the mouse, it's possible to
               have various information about all objects displaying by the program. This 2.97 MB program is well
               worth it. You have the ability to select the sky view over your city, view all asteroids and comets in
               that vicinity and much more. It's a definite keeper!
               "Spyware is the name which was given to software that - without the user of the program knowing
               that the software performs this kind of action - traces the user's usage of the internet and sends
               this information - again without the user knowing this is happening - to a computer ("Server")
               designated by the developer of the Spyware software." Check out TomCat's Spyware list. This guy
               has compiled a comprehensive list of programs which have spyware attached.
Christmas Gift Guide
               The Target: 
               This weeks targets are Sandra4564 and Linden Rathan! Sandra lives in Dogwood Greene, has
               asked 62 questions and answered 381. Linden calls Grey's North Country home, has asked 42
               questions and answered 596.
               Hi! My name is Sandra (obviously). I was born in good ol' Portland Oregon. I'm a Junior in High
               School, which yes, makes me 16 years old. I just got my license 3 months ago so, you can see me
               drivin' around in my own little crappy VW Jetta...but don't get too close...because, I am a teenage
               driver, Beware!
               A lot of people ask me, "What does 4564 mean in your name?" Well, the numbers don't mean
               anything, they are just easy to type, I'm lazy. :) Hmmm...my hobbies...I don't really have time for
               hobbies, because I'm a full time over achiever high school student. But, I do love music. I've been
               playing the violin for 6 years, but don't let time fool you, I'm not that good. :) I love listening to the
               Backstreet Boys!! I've been to 3 of their concerts...and they were amazing! Even if you don't like
               their music...you should go to one, they put on a great show! I'm also a fan of Shaggy, Christina
               Aguilera, Brian McKnight, Everclear, Blink 182, Fastball, 98*, R. Kelly, Papa Roach, and Train.
               I love Pugs. I think they are great dogs, and call me crazy, I think their really cute! (Here comes my
               cheap plug...) If you want to find out about Pugs, and look at pictures of my incredibly adorable
               pug, check out my site! PugPlace It's not much yet, but I'm working on expanding it. I took a basic
               class in HTML at school, and with the help of a few generous people, PugPlace was created. And
               that brings me to the topic of school. I'm currently taking Algebra 2 (Blah), Orchestra, English, US
               History, and Marine Biology. So, as you can see, I'm pretty stressed out about all the required
               classes. I enjoy school, because it gives me something to do. With no brothers, sisters, or cousins,
               life can get pretty boring. So, I try to think of stupid things, like making rugs or watching TV to
               keep me entertained. I love watching Boston Public, Survivor, Real World, Everybody Loves
               Raymond, and Roseanne. Yes, Roseanne.
               So...what else can I say. I really enjoy AIH, it's helped me reduce my state of boredom. I'm not
               going to write anymore, because you're probably bored to death reading this, and you probably
               want to get back to AIH. So, I'm going to leave you with one of my favorite quotes:
               "Today is yesterdays effect, and tomorrow's cause" -Make the best of each day.
                                                                 Linden Rathan
               Hello. My name is Peter, and I'm a professional Web Developer from Rugby, England. I came to
               Ask-It-Here on the off chance after following a link from Lockergnome, a regular read of mine. I
               suppose I'm here to tell you a bit about myself - Ok, lets make this logical.
               Who am you?
               Erm... I've already told you most of that. I suppose it's worthwhile telling you that I'm 20, haven't
               got a degree, have got a GNVQ, have been made redundant from every job I've worked at (Sounds
               good that - I've only worked at 3 ;) and don't want to work for anyone else again - hence I'm setting
               up in business for myself.
               What are you like?
               Reasonably quiet, I like to think I'm intelligent - perhaps I need to be a bit more humble, but - hey,
               we all have our faults ;) Physically, I'm reasonably fit (20 press-ups, 30 or 40 sit-ups and 10 or 15
               pull-ups level fit) about 6', mousey hair and grey/blue eyes. No, I don't have a photo on the net,
               and no, you won't get to see one - I am terribly anti-photogenic.
               What's this with your profile? You seem to have two...
               Ah yes... the famous profile. I have one for me, the web developer, Peter Street. And then I have
               one for Linden Rathan - the character I base my online persona on. Actually, I stole him. *Cue
               assorted gasps of horror.* Well, sorry - but it's true. He's from the books by Joanne Bertin - The
               DragonLord series of books. You can find out more on them at her site, which you can find linked
               to in my profile.
               Ok. So what's with this site you are supposed to be doing?
               Ah yes - I keep harping on about that, don't I? Well, I'm developing a website which is for my
               business. But I'm not going very fast with it - I suppose I'm doing too much, but that's always been
               by way. It will be located at
www.lazerfx.co.uk, and will contain lots of stuff - tutorials, tips,
               advertisements for my services; the usual stuff in other words. I hope to make it the kind of site
               you'll want to come back to, but I'm not 100% sure just how well it will work.
               Right, so when will I be able to see it?
               Well, I've currently penned a release date in as mid-December, but I've just solved quite a few bugs
               I thought were going to take me longer, so it might be sooner - watch out for an announcement
               when it comes ;)
               But I don't give a damn about your stupid website!
               Well, excuse me. I happen to be a web developer *Cue shouts of, "Geek! Geek!"* Ok, yes, I'm a
               geek - so what? :) But that's currently very important in my life, so it's naturally what I want to
               speak about.
               Do you have any girlfriends?
               Nope. No plans for that at the moment - I know myself, and I'm not half as mature as I'd need to be
               to sustain a relationship at the moment.
               Do you live on your own?
               Nope - still with parents. To tell you the truth, it's a damn sight easier. After all, you get your food,
               you get most things paid for you (rent, rates, poll tax) and you just have to put in nominal effort
               (cleaning up every now and again, occasionally helping out in the garden, that sort of thing). It's a
               very good system that I plan to milk out fo... Erm.. I mean, I plan to maintain for as long as
               Are you a Nerd?
               No. I state that quite categorically - I'm not a Nerd. I am a Geek - there is a difference. I also like to
               think I'm a Hacker (The original term, someone who's good with computers, and can fiddle with
               them and find solutions to problems). A Nerd is a lifeless dweeb - I have a life. I go to the pub with
               friends, over to friends houses to watch a video and have a laugh, and friends come over my place.
               We go to movies. I don't spend my life behind a computer screen. I've never spotted trains, or
               aeroplanes or anything like that.
               Ok, what's your favourites?
               Hmmm... I'll just give you a quick list, then we'll draw this to a close:
               Well, that's me - anything else you want to know, I'm always there. And with 15 years of computing
               experience behind me, I'm happy to help with your computer problems.
               AIH Tips & Tricks:
               We have touched on this before but it's definitely worth repeating - when you click on that Move
               Residence link to your left and view the list of possible moves for which you are eligible, once
               you've clicked a Residence name it's done. There's no undo feature. You are immediately moved to
               that Residence and your account is debited the required amount. So please click wisely!
               AIH Classifieds:
               Wanted. Somebody to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. You'll get paid after we get back.
               Must bring your own weapons. Safety not guaranteed. I have only done this once before. Write to
               PO Box 322, Oakview CA 93002.
               Used Tombstone for sale.  Perfect for someone named Homer HendelBergenHeinzel. One only. Call
               FOR SALE BY OWNER  Complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica. 45 volumes.  Excellent
               condition. $1,000.00 or best offer. No longer  needed. Got married last weekend. Wife knows
               everything. 555-3098 
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